President Mohamed Morsi entered leadership of Egypt with an excellent opportunity to  move his nation forward by revamping its economy, fosteringt a democratic political system that allowed those of diverse  ideas to come together, instead, he pushed the Muslim Brotherhood agenda which opposed those with secular views and ensured that clerics would  run society, not technocrats with economic and political knowledge. The result is massive riots in major cities, over 50 dead people and at least a thousand wounded. General
Abdel Fattah al-Sisi warned that continued  violence threatened the very existendce of the Egyptian nation. In theory the Morsi Constitution lessens
Army control and, in so doing, provides the armed force an opportunity to allow civilians to fail and then ride to the rescue.

The army is passing the buck, but there will come a moment when chaos reigns and the Army is needed to restore law and order. Many in the streets warn if the
Army arrives to crush their protest it would only spark greater protests. A new group has emerged-the Black Bloc– which is anti Muslim Brotherhood and ready for violence. Such is the legacy of Mohamed Morsi!!