Morsi Follies

Mohamed Morsi is an intelligent man. He  spent years in the United States of America teaching and studying the process of democracy. For some unknown reason this man failed to grasp the basic principles of modern society-in a pluralistic nation, the rights of all its members  must be respected. He attempted to impose a strict Islamic code of conduct upon a diverse society and in the process aroused fear and anger. Egypt now is under marshal law and Muslim religious leaders are being detained or arrested. At the Rabaa Mosque in Cairo, Dr. Saleh Sultan told followers: “We are from you and you are from us.” NO, the government is not “for Muslims,” the government is also for the 10% Christians and those who do not believe in a strict interpretation of Islam.

There will be an election in which the Muslim Brotherhood does NOT obtain a majority of votes. Actually, in the presidential election it never did. Secular forces and Christians are now on guard. There must be a government for ALL Egyptians.