Morsi–Go Home!

It is time for Mohamed Morsi to pack bags and return to the United States of America where he lived and taught for many years. His  presence in Egypt is the primary cause of continued unrest and desire to restore him to power. The Muslim Brotherhood wants power, it wants to return to a situation in which a political party that gained 52% of the vote-of a minority that actually voted–insisted on possessing 100% of all power in the nation. Morsi lacks any sense of leadership, while in power, or after losing power. He should be working with all parties in order to create a new government comprising the entire spectrum of political and religious belief.  Instead, the MB chants for power and even considers the possibility of using force to gain it.

The Muslim Brotherhood must accept reality. A majority of Egyptians do not wish living under Sharia law. About ten percent of the population is Coptic Christian and they can not be asked to live in a society run by Islamic fundamentalists.