Morsi Ignores Female Issues

There was great expectation when Mohamed Morsi became president of Egypt that years spent in the United States of America would have made him sensitive to the rights of women. Instead of displaying attitudes a person who has spent his life with those of diverse backgrounds and sex, Mr. Morsi stands revealed as a small village type of Muslim filled with the bias and prejudice that all too many Egyptian men display towards women. Amensty International blasted Morsi for attitudes and actions that violate the rights of women.

“Horrific, violent attacks on women including rape in the vicinity of Tahrir Square demonstrate that it’s now crucial that President Morsi takes drastic steps to end this culture of  impunity and gender-based discrimination, and for all political leaders to speak out,”said Hassibas Hadj Sahraoui of the organization. Women are being assaulted regardless if they wear or do not a wear Islamic headscarf.  Mohamed Morsi is simply a bigoted man whose social attitudes towards women reflect his 15th century mentality.