Morsi Mangles Freedom In Egypt

Thousands of people are marching through the streets of Port Said in Egypt, thousands are shouting for freedom in Cairo and other areas of the nation, but President Mohamed Morsi insists he is an innocent man simply seeking to make people understand the importance of practicing a good Muslim way of life in order to ensure peace and prosperity to one and all. Port Said demonstrators are furious at death sentences imposed on those allegedly guilty of causing deaths at a soccer match. Many inhabitants believe President Morsi wants to impose his religious beliefs and is willing to sacrifice the people of Port Said for his own political purposes. They are convinced last year’s riots were the work of police and local inhabitants now must pay the price for murders caused by Cairo  based police.

Reality is failure on the part of  Morsi to create a national coalition government has resulted in fear and anger against the arbitrary rule of the Muslim Brotherhood. They are furious at the new MB Constitution which gives power to clerics and threatens the rights of Coptic Christians who are 10% of the population. As a local merchant put it, “Morsi is the responsible one. The Egyptian people voted for him and he came on television thanking  police who killed us!”