Morsi Meanders Into Minefield

Mohamed Morsi is either a very clever thinker and planner or he is among the most stupid people to become president of Egypt. The recalcitrant president made clear that he was not backing down from pushing a new Constitution that was written by Islamic supporters who seek imposing Sharia law upon secular people and Christians. Sources indicate he, together with Salafi allies will push for a vote to make legal the new constitution.

Tahrir Square has over a hundred thousand people protesting his grab for power, People have even assaulted offices of the Muslim Brotherhood to make clear their desire for a democratic Egypt which respects the rights of all people, not just those who are into the Muslim religion. Maha, an engineer made clear feelings of most in the square: “he can forget it”while Amal, a teacher said, “he can leave as Mubarak left.”

Why has Morsi taken leave of his common sense is the question of the hour??