Morsi Meanders To Dictatorship

Ah, it was only a year ago that Egyptians believed a new era was dawning with the overthrow of President Mubarak and the end of military rule. Mr. Morsi did have a Muslim Brotherhood background, but he had spent years in the United States and understood something about democracy. Alas, that was before videos were released in which this man who supposedly represented democracy blasted away at Jews calling them apes and pigs. Frankly, being called a pig is not very kosher in my view of life. Now, President Morsi has aroused fury in the American comedy section of society by attacking noted Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef.

Jon Stewart mocked Morsi on his comedy show for seeking to send to jail a man who pokes fun at society. The President  of Egypt is rather upset that anyone can mock him-he is THE president. Things are getting worse because the US State Department is getting tired of this petty little man. Spokesperson, Victoria Nuland expressed John Kerry’s concern of the “disturbing trend” in erosion of free speech.

I wonder if Americans are also descended from apes and pigs?