Morsi Meets Merkel

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi is visiting Germany in search of money, and the prospect of securing what he desires depends on how well the man who spouts hate can tone down the rhetoric and spout common sense. Riots rack Egyptian cities, the army is upset, large sections of the nation are furious at Morsi’s imposition of Muslim belief and the economy, sort of has collapsed. Egypt needs money, gobs of it. Merkel was prepared to provide considerable marks to Morsi,  but recent events have cooled German interest. Merkel wants changes and they had better begin yesterday. What does she want:

1. A coalition government that includes secular leaders.

2. An end to empowering Muslims and allowing them to even consider sharia law.

3. An apology to Israel for his vicious anti-semitic comments.

4.  Election observers at the  next election.

She intends NOT to forgive debts until he begins to behave as president of All Egyptians.