Morsi Meows Like A Kitten

President Mohamed Morsi who gained a fantastic victory for the presidency that witnessed him securing 51% of a vote when only half the nation voted, is determined to shout his way to power. At this point Morsi has the support of about 25% of the population. There are many indications that  most Egyptians do NOT want a religious dominated government in power although they want the Muslim Brotherhood to participate in government.

Morsi defied the military and courts by ordering the dissolved Parliament to return. Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court rejected his decree. “The court ordered the freeze of the president’s decree.” The court made clear the election of the lower house of Parliament was invalid.

Morsi has to cease playing to the Muslim Brotherhood and seek a coalition of secular and religious  people who want democracy. This means NO Sharia law, but it does not preclude the MB from playing an important role in the government. Reality: Egypt depends on tourism. Few tourists will visit a nation which is under Sharia law.