Morsi Messes Up Egypt

Egypt is at the brink of a disaster which will result in violence and death because President Morsi betrayed his people. He promised to govern as a man who wanted peace and reconciliation between all groups in society. Instead, he transformed a “victory” in an election  where he failed to obtain at least 50% of the vote by placating Islamist extremists. Morsi argues that while his  popularity is in the  20% range no one wanted to throw out George Bush when his popularity sank. A valid point. Of course, neither Morsi nor Bush was legally elected so they do share some common experiences. Over FIFTEEN MILLION EGYPTIANS HAVE SIGNED PETITIONS ASKING HIM TO LEAVE OFFICE.

The Egyptian army made clear it would resort to violence if  demonstrations broke out against Morsi or by his supporters. Many have urged Moris to  become a Mandela and do what is best for peace and reconciliation in Egypt. There will be violence, there will be deaths. Unfortunately, there will not be a leader in Egypt who does what is best for society.