Morsi Muddles Along In Confusion

The ongoing saga of Mohamed Morsi, the man who deserves a Nobel Prize for being the most incompetent leader in the Middle East, continues to reveal new facets of his  incompetence. There is now evidence he worked with terrorist Hamas in order to break out of prison in an escapade that left 14 guards dead. Egyptian General Abdel Fattah el-Sissi wants Morsi brought to trial and and he is encouraging Egyptians to pour into the streets in order to make clear the nation does not want any further control over their lives from the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Morsi bungled an opportunity to create a coalition government that would focus on economic recovery and establishing democratic principles. Egypt continues being hampered by this debacle which simply  furthers sectarian conflict. It is time to release Morsi and compel him to function openly in the public arena of voting.