Morsi Muddles Along In Egypt

It is increasingly evident that President Morsi of Egypt is not among the world’s great experts on foreign policy, let alone even having the slightest idea how to handle a modern economy. Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood Parliament is prepared to pass new legislation which will restrict the activity of human rights groups and other non-government organizations(NGOs) to perform their work. According to the law each NGO must receive permission to engage in efforts such as  protecting women rights, a topic that does not fit into goals of the Muslim Brotherhood. The law allows the government to define what constitutes human rights, what is permissible to educate people in voting or seek to defuse ethnic and religious conflict.

About 90% of human rights work in Egypt has been funded by foreign sources. The Tahrir rebellion began when young people demanded freedom and now the Muslim Brotherhood intends to become the Big Brother who decides what is or is not freedom of speech or freedom of the press. It is time for the American government to make clear-if you want funds, then protect the basic rights of Egyptians.