Morsi Muddles On And On

President Mohamed Morsi continues his winning streak of making every mistake in leadership that can be made. Since he assume the presdency of Egypt there has been non-stop violence, anger and growing discord between Muslims and Christians in the nation. Coptic Christians represent about 10% of the nation’s population and with the arrival fo Morsi, there is open violence between Muslim fanatics and Coptics. A few days ago, four Coptics were killed and when a mourning group proceeded in the streets with the bodies, they wer assaulted by thugs, most probably under direction of local Muslim Brotherhood leaders who seek installation of Sharia law in the land.

Coptics were forced to return to a cathedral where they were besieged by Muslim mobs. The police stood by and watched. Egypt’s Coptic Pope Tawadros II blamed President Morsi for inaction. He noted that Morsi “promised to do everything to protect the cathedral but in reality we don’t see this.” He went on to comment that never before in the history of the Coptic church have they witnessed such violence.

Oh well, just another example of the incompetent man who allegedly leads Egypt.