Morsi Muddles Vote

President Morsi of Egypt had an  historic opportunity to unite the people of his country and move forward to a new era of unity and prosperity. Instead, his Muslim Brotherhood chose the route of religious hate, brutality toward opponents and a flawed election. A constitution was written by Islamic militants, it was forced on the nation in a so-called referendum, and the conclusion was apparent before the first vote was cast. In the first round of voting, the constitution was approved by 54% of those voting, in the second round it attained a 74% of the vote. A spokesperson for the Muslim Brotherhood said “we hope approving the new constitution would be an historic opportunity to reunite national forces.”

Reality–ONLY 32% OF THE POPULATION VOTED!! There are reports of voting fraud, coercion and violence against people who rejected the constitution. How can one have a constitution that lacks a majority vote of the nation??