Morsi Mumbles Incoherence

I wonder if there is a Nobel Prize for the most incompetent leader of a nation?If anyone has earned the title of Mr. Stupid it is a man known as Mohammed Morsi.  A year ago most Egyptians yeared for a new head of government who would unite the nation and end rule of military leaders. So, what does the Morsi man do? He gives all key government positions to  clerical bigots who seek to impose  religious law into the  lives of many who are secular Muslims. In addition, ‘President”Morsi lacks any semblance of an economic program and stumbles along angering each and every sector of the economy. Who but Morsi would appoint a Muslim Brotherhood guy who is against alcohol to head the tourism sector of the economy!

Millions of people want Morsi to go. Millions are in the streets and blood has already been shed. The Army has given Morsi 48 hours to compromise with opponents. Sorry, give Morsi 48 months and he would only further anger those who disagree with his MB approach to compromise. Oh, five Cabinet Ministers have resigned, do I hear the voice of Mr. Morsi??