Morsi Murders Egypt

The overthrow of President Mubarak raised hopes in Egypt that a new era was aborning in which those of disparate views could come together and create a modern society. Although only winning by 51% of votes cast Morsi apparently had the support of most Egyptians who simply wanted their nation to progress and end sectarian disputes. But, Morsi decided to grant his Muslim Brotherhood all power and this has led to massive demonstrations. Apparently the armed forces have forged an alliance under which they retain control of what happens to the military and Morsi has the remainder of his country under MB control.

The MB sent hooded thugs into the streets to beat, bully and torture those seeking democracy. Several months ago the MB was allied with the people whom were beaten senseless yesterday. One man who was beaten described MB thugs who “hit the prisoners with their fists and tore their clothes off before torturing them.”

There will be more demonstrations, more beatings and perhaps Morsi will be able to become a dictator. Like all petty tyrants he will excuse away this behavior as simply an attempt to save his country from evil forces.