Morsi Seeks More Power

President Morsi in Egypt has been working hard to assist in the process of securing peace in the Middle East, but there are ominous signs this is simply part of a strategy to increase his power and the power of his Muslim Brotherhood. Morsi issued a  proclamation which, in effect, canceled a decision of the Egyptian judiciary concerning former President Mubarak. The former leader was sentenced to life in prison, but Morsi wants a new trial, new accusations against leaders of the armed forces, and new power for the president.

At present, the Muslim Brotherhood controls the executive, it controls the legislature and now it seeks control of the judiciary. Of course, long term plans are to assume control of the armed forces and thus grant the Muslim Brotherhood complete control of Egypt. Morsi has decided to end working with secular forces in the nation or respecting rights of opposition leaders.

The model for Morsi is Turkey where Prime Minister Erdogan has crushed power of the military and increasingly seeks greater power for religious leaders in a nation that is about 49% secular. The end result will be to damage economic and social life in such a nation.