Morsi Sells Out Syrian Rebels!

The one constancy in dealing with human rights since Mohamed Morsi became president of Egypt is his willingness to sell out anyone at anytime in order to maintain power for the Muslim Brotherhood. He betrayed the people who originated the uprising against President Mubarak by refusing to include those from diverse viewpoints in his Cabinet. He lied about his commitment to human rights, he lied about controlling the military and he has lied about his relations with other Muslim nations. This week he is in Russia where he literally begged Russian President Vladimir Putin for money and was willing to sell out the people of Syria who are fighting for their liberty.

Morsi told the Russian leader that he wanted a close political and economic relationship with Russia if only Putin would loan him $4.8 billion. Putin is among the closest allies of President Bashar al-Assad who has killed 70,000 people in his country. But, just hand over money and Morsi will hand over rebels. He is a sham leader whose only thought is money-not the lives and dignity of fellow Muslims!!