Morsi Slides Over Cliff

After decades of rule by authoritarian figures the people of Egypt were hoping for an opportunity to test a democratic life. Alas,that was before Mohammed Morsi shocked the population by assuming the mantle of number one tyrant of the month. A man who had spent years in America decided the taste of power was intoxicating and he required a few gallons for his comfort. However, the man of the Brotherhood decided to reach a pact with the devil and reached out to the military for an alliance.

Under the new arrangement, the military maintains control over its business operations, it makes all military promotions and has free reign in deciding who runs the show. In return, the military has been ordered to crush those protesting a Muslim centered constitution. We can assume people will die in Tahrir Square and in the end Morsi will have power.

One question for Morsi: What if generals decide they desire a return to power, who then fills the squares of protest?