Morsi Tears Apart Egypt

The essence of a democratic society is respect for all people within the nation, even those who oppose the majority. Heck, in the US Congress about 40% can thwart the will of the majority. President Morsi assumed power in his country after over a half century of rule by a strong man who thwarted the will of those who opposed his wise interpretation of what is the truth. One might assumed, given this record, and given that Morsi only obtained 51% of the vote he would be cautious in fostering his party’s view of what is necessary in Egypt.

Mohamed Ibrahim told a Reuter’s reporter that “there will be a complete defeat today in a mass Egyptian protest that says ‘no to the conspirital minority, no to destructive directions and yes for stability and sharia law.” Ten percent of Egyptians are Christian, another 30% are in one way or another secular and do not seek sharia law in their lives.

Today, Morsi may impose, tomorrow he has torn asunder his society. The hope of Egypt is with their bright young people who can create a modern technological society. This will not occur in a land governed by Sharia law.