Moscow Violence

Every so often an event of gun shooting occurs in the world which shocks America because it is so rare an event. A young boy with two rifles entered a school in Moscow, shot his Geography teacher and a policeman while holding over two dozen students as hostages. Eventually, his father, via cell phone talked the boy down and persuaded him to surrender the weapons and hostages. Over the past decade there have been sporadic examples of school shootings in European schools, but they are unusual events since those nations have not armed citizens with weapons of war in the name of preventing war. I realize discussion of school violence has become a boring topic to most Americans. Some young people enter a school with guns in hand because it is so easy in this nation to get a gun in hand if you are a teenager. Newspapers describe the acts of violence. Some sane people urge reducing access to weapons. The NRA insists the solution is arming everyone. And, the killings go on and on.

Moscow witnessed two deaths. The boy, fortunately, was talked down even though he rambled on and on about what is life after death all about. Those who employ weapons of war in schools are merely young people who are confused and frightened about life. The solution is simple, remove guns from their grasp and, perhaps, they will seek aid from a school counselor rather than from the act of murdering their classmates.