Mosque Issue Angers Muslim

As right wing pundits denounce the betrayal of those who died on 9/11 and demand an end to any consideration of allowing Muslims to construct a new mosque where a current mosque exists, this explosion of anger and hate sends a message throughout the world. In Afghanistan, General David Petraeus argues the United States cares about Muslims and is able to differentiate between terrorists, who are a tiny minority, and the vast majority of peaceful Muslim citizens. Of course, he now has to explain to people who are told by the Taliban and al-Qaeda that Americans despise the Muslim people. A carefully orchestrated program of hatred has been initiated by Fox News and the Republican Party for one reason– destroy the Democratic party and persuade Americans that President Obama is a secret Muslim agent of al-Qaeda. Yesterday, newspapers in Indonesia, Kuwait, Egypt, and a dozen other Muslim nations reported how Muslims are being depicted in the US media and Congress. How does a Muslim react to Newt Gingrich comparing Muslims to Nazi, Germany, or ministers who refer to their religion as one centered in hate and intolerance.

This outpouring of of invective is rather strange coming from Christians who were responsible for the murder of six million Jews during WWII, the murder of over fifty million in their conquest of the New World, their destruction of Indian people in the American west, and one could throw in a few Inquisitions. The message from American leaders is coming across –do not trust Muslims. If a Muslim in Saudi Arabia commits a crime, then all Muslims in the world are equally guilty. If one used this logic regarding Germans, then the obvious conclusion is: since the German nation killed six million Jews and over thirty million other people during WWII, including gays, lesbians and Roma, every single person in the USA of German heritage is also guilty of these crimes. I can not understand how we allow the German language to be taught in schools!

Just remember, the only good German is a dead one.