Mosque NYPD Surveillance

Fifty years ago FBI agents were gazing intently at Synagogues in urban areas that were attended by those suspect Jewish folk. If one was Jewish, and one belonged to certain organizations,then it was obviour that individual was a hidden Russian spy because Jews were well known Communists seeking to send atomic bomb secrets to the RUSSIANS! If one spy was Jewish that meant that all spies were Jewish. Of course, most spies for the Russians were not Jewish, but what the heck, much better focusing on the JEWS! Today, substitute the word, Muslim for Jew and you have identified the SPIES! The American Civil Liberty Union, (ACLU) together with other groups, wants to know why the New York City Police Department has established a blanket surveillance of Mosques in New York City. It is requesting the Justice Department to investigate this program.

The NYPD has hundreds of informants who spy on their neighbors, they bug mosques and listen to conversations of imams. Just imagine if it bugged Jewish rabbis and synagogues?? Is there reasonable cause to suspect Muslims as terrorists? Perhaps, the NYPD could provide evidence.