Most Girls In Hungarian Girls’ Home Are Prostitutes

Hungary has one female-only children’s home, the Special Children’s Home, and its director sadly commented she estimates about half the girls in the institution are into prostitution either part or full time. Those girls who go out to engage in prostitution and return, encourage other females to leave and try prostitution as a way of getting money and nice clothes.Anna B. Aczei, director of the institution, says prostitution is more prevalent now than in the 15 years she had been connected with the home. “It is like a cobweb, more and more girls get entangled in it. we don’t have the tools to fight it.” The girls are entranced by going to discos, buying jewelry, and getting new clothes which can not be matched by any children’s home.

Her research suggests many girls were entangled in sexual promiscuity before they ever arrived at the home either by having a male relative sexually use them or witness continual sexual abuse of a mother. A high percent of the girls are of Roma background which ensures they were raised in poverty, had limited education opportunities, and encountered discrimination. A high percent of the girls quickly find a pimp who then assumes control over them physically, mentally and financially.