Most Turks Desire Moderation in Politics

A poll by Professor Yamaz Esmer of Bahecsehir university indicates most Turkish people prefer a president who is religious, but they don’t want religion to influence their social and political lives. The AKP is the political party of moderate Muslims led by Prime Minister Erdogan. Almost 60% of its members regard religious teaching as more important than scientific while of those belonging to secular parties 84% regard science as more important than religion.

The key aspect of this study which encompassed both the conservative rural areas of Turkey as well as the more secular urban centers is that the majority does not want a government which imposes its religious views upon the Turkish people. An interesting statistic in the study revealed the percent of people seeking to have religious groups control education fell from 38% to 29%. it is governments like those of Erdogan which can lead the way towards reconciliation of religious Muslim views with those of more secular societies.