Mother From Hell

There is a member of the Democratic party in the State Senate of Kansas who simply reflects what has happened to the people of that state in terms of intelligence. Mrs. Gail Tinney who represents a district in Whichita wants to legalize being able to spank a child, and when she says, “spank” she means hitting the kid at least ten times as well as making legal the presence of redness and bruises on the body. Oh, she wants to take another step in her program for “restoring discipline to the family.” Under her proposed bill, mom and dad could authorize a third party to beat the hell out of their kids!

Fortunately, the remainder of the State Senate is not exactly thrilled with this mom who is on a campaign for “discipline.” State Senator John Robin who chairs the committee that supposedly would consider this piece of idiocy made clear there is no need to even consider the bill.

I gather Ms. Tinny represents a district that is heavily African American. If this piece of nonsense were proposed by a white legislator many would claim he was pinpointing African American families as delinquent in family values.