Mother Gives It To Bully

She arrived at school to pick up her ten year old son and as he approached, she noticed that his cheek was red. The boy was reluctant to admit what happened, but finally told his mother that a boy who had been bullying him for weeks had beaten him up once again. Mom was furious and wanted to see the boy. As she stood before the smirking little boy, she was thinking about taking him to the principal’s office, but suddenly, “I didn’t know what happened to me. I simply gave him a slap with my open hand.” A judge sentenced her to twenty days in jail and turned down a request for community service.

The sentence is an example of what is wrong with our prison system. I have worked with thousands of children and have four of my own children. I have never raised a hand to any child, but my sympathies are with the mother. It is ridiculous to place her in jail. In theory, jail is for purposes of rehabilitation. Her crime was understandable, and her punishment certainly could have been community service.