Mother Russia Has Some Criminal Issues

In the land of Vladimir Putin there exists a police force whose duty is to ensure that one and all behave according to the standards of our Supreme Leader, the former KGB agent. People get killed who dare to oppose the regime, people wind up with long jail sentences for singing songs in churches, but the men who rob the nation blind go about their daily  lives knowing they will never see the interior of a jail. Prosecutor General Vladimir Kolokolsev told the media that rights violations by law enforcement agencies are “ubiquitous.” I think that means it all depends on who is  arrested, the nature of their “crime” and the individual’s relationship to those in power. Vladimir did admit that once every so often someone’s rights do get abusded. He has warned local police chiefs to maintain law and order. That is rather strange from a government official, asking those in charge of the police to uphold law and order, doesn’t he know that Putin makes those decisions?

His office came across a surprising fact, some citizens who are arrested “are often held in conditions that present a threat to their life and health.” Shocking! He discovered examples of police fabricating crimes and arrests in order to increase police effectiveness. Shocking.

I think Russia needs to arrest more innocent people and get their crime rate to the rate desired–all who oppose Putin in jail–all  who support him, doing the arresting and convicting!