Mothers For Life, Men For Death

I am old enough to recall events after the assassination of President Kennedy when members of both political parties promised to do something about gun control. Fifty years–half a century– have passed and what has become of that promise? Jennifer Longman was shot and paralyzed so she formed a group, “Every Town For Gun Control.” Recently she was in an airport when a program came on in which she was being interviewed. A man came up to her in the wheel chair and spit in her face. In another incident when she arrived home one day and was about to enter her apartment, a man stepped from the shadows, pointed a gun at her head and said: “Don’t you wish you had a gun now, bitch!” It was a water pistol and he walked away with laughter.

In Texas, there is a group whose name is: “Open Carry Texans” and their goal is make each and every American, even babies in cribs, to become happy and content when in the presence of a man with a gun. They enjoy going to malls carrying assault weapons which, most probably, sends citizens into a frenzy of joy and hope.

There is another group, “Moms For Gun Sense.” Talk about a terrorist band! Some members were in a coffee shop when 40 men with guns parked in the parking lot to express hope and joy to the women. Such is America, fifty years after Kennedy’s death!!