Mouse Who Roars!

I do not recall any leading Democratic politician who viciously attacked President Bush for the 9/11 attack. We all regarded this event as tragic and it was necessary as Americans to refocus ourselves and deal with this disaster Fast forward to 2012 and the little man from Wisconsin and the mighty small man currently running for president lowered themselves to the gutter of politics. They both blamed President Obama for the attacks in Libya and Egypt and even went so far as to state that the president of the United States of America sympathized with those who murdered American citizens!!

There are no words left to describe Republican politicians this year. They lack a sense of what it means to be an American, they will say anything and lie through their teeth in order to secure a single vote. Mitt Romney has disqualified himself as a viable candidate for president. The only thing he is qualified to be is the man who collects garbage.

Sorry, I didn’t mean to insult garbage men.