Muammar Gaddafi Found!

We are now able to reveal the location of Muammar Gaddafi and dispel rumors that he is presently a hotel clerk in Jerusalem who is posing as an Orthodox Jew. Please employ logic in order to ascertain where this man who so enjoys boasting and rambling on for hours in which no logic emerges. If you wanted to find a man who lacks any sense of reality, where would you look?

Muammar Gaddafi has been hired to be the Fox News key expert on the Middle East. He already has two pert blond haired girls who will both introduce him and cuddle with him during those times he interviews guests from Zimbabwe and Sudan who know all about murder, rape and torture. Fox News wanted an expert on these topics and it didn’t take much to convince Rupert Murdoch that Muammar was the best one to fit this slot.

As part of his contract with Fox News, Muammar gets daily massages from two pert blond haired women who do not know anything about world affairs. On Sundays, Michele Bachmann will take over this role.