Muammar Soon No More

The winds of change have finally swept through Libya which has been ruled by Muammar Gaddafi for forty years during which time he has squashed any opposition to his one man rule. Two air force pilots defected to Malta rather than join in attacks on innocent civilians and there are reports some cities have fallen to those opposing the Gaddafi dictatorship. His son, Seif Al-Islam is continually heard on television warning people against “saboteurs” and enemies from the West who are trying to end rule of devout Muslims. The UN delegation from Libya defected and raised a new flag of their country that dates from pre-Muammar days. Hundreds of people are dead as the result of firing by the Libya army, but there are reports of a declaration from the Libyan Military Officers which urges all units to head toward Tripoli and help citizens to overthrow the government.

There are even reports Gaddafi is heading toward Venezuela to join his fellow pompous pretender, Hugo Chavez, who spouts talk of democracy even as he destroys democratic institutions. A reporter was told by a Libyan civilian: “People have a strange determination after all that has happened.” They wish to see the winds of democracy finally arrive in their country.