Muammar Stands Defiant

Muammar Gaddafi is someplace in Africa, perhaps in Libya, perhaps elsewhere, but the old man of rhetoric is still sounding defiance to the world. A spokesperson, Moussa Ibrahim claims, “the leader is in good health.. of course he is in Libya… Our army is powerful” and capable of gaining ultimate victory. Many die-hard supporters of the former leader are walled up in Ben Walid and claiming they will fight to death. Thousands are fleeing the city to avoid being slaughtered.

For some reason, Saadi Gaddefi, son of the great leader has fled to Niger. Perhaps this is part of a tragedy of confusion. Pretend to have lost only to reappear on the main streets of Tripoli and be greeted by an overwhelming crowd of admirers. We believe in Muammar. He is not in Niger. He is in Argentine!