Mubarak: Do You Hear Sounds From East?

President Mubarak is most probably sitting around with his son discussing how after his next “victory” in the presidential election, the boy can take over for another thirty years. Oh, there are some voices of discontent, but there have always been voices of discontent. However, thousands of people gathered in the streets of Alexandria and Cairo to express their disgust with a government that is unresponsive to economic change and is ridden with corruption that prevents new ideas from being implemented in society. Protesters carried signs saying: “Day of Rage” or “Long Live Free Tunisia” which meant they wanted a Tunisian revolution in their own country. “Revolution Until Victory” proclaimed one group of marchers as they shouted and placed fists into the air.

The United States has supported President Mubarak through every crisis he has faced. However, when 25% of the population lacks work, when there is corruption and friends of the president secure the right positions and dip into the till of government for funds, it is time to change or have changed forced onto the current regime of “do nothing.” There simply is no evidence the president gets the message. If his son has any brains he will walk away from running for the presidency in four years. Things can get bloody if one retains power too long.