Mubarak Redeux

It is now clear that Egypt had a  revolution and the good guys that helped to lead it were really some of the bad guys who were thrown out of office. President Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood promised they had no intention of imposing a Sharia law approach to modern Egypt and they lied through their teeth. Egypt’s Supreme Constitutional Court ruled that the Islamist dominated Senate was illegal and the new Constitution that Morsi imposed on the people of Egypt was unconstitutional. Judge Maher al-Beheirg ruled the Shura Coucil should remain until there is a new Constitution that will be voted in a free election by the nation.

President Morsi is a total disaster. His task was to unite the people of Egypt, including the ten percent who are Christian. His task was to respect the ideas of both secular and Islamist Egyptians in order to create a society that can be based on modern economic and political ideas. He failed. It is time for him to go!