Much Ado About Nothing In India

The government of India is very upset at actions by American officials who dared to interfere in a case dealing with the right of Indian officials in America to abuse their maids. After all, this involves India, the land in which a female who goes out without a weapon in her purse is subject not only to be raped, but to gang rape that all too often is ignored by police and courts in India. Of course, if an Indian female decides to abuse her maid by promising a salary of $4,500 a month and then paying her 300, it is OK if the female is of the right caste and has access to the right people. Devyuani Kobragarde was working in the Indian consul in New York City when it was discovered she was abusing her maid with 80 hour work weeks and $300 a month. She was taken to a police station and searched which horrified the Indian government which is never horrified when an ordinary Indian woman is gang raped. Heck, as far as those who run the government of India are concerned, gang rape is simply the guys having a good time and who told the woman to display her body in public??

US energy chief Ernest Moniz and Asia Nisha Biswai of the State Department are not going to India because the Indian government is still upset at the Khobragarde situation. They closed a club for Americans and they removed anti-terror barriers in front of the embassy. One can only wonder why a strip search looms more important to those who run India than a gang rape does? I suspect if the “right” woman is insulted, then all hell breaks loose, if an ordinary Indian woman is abused, who the hell cares. Not a single concern expressed by the government of India towards the maid who was abused. Wonder why”?