Mugabe Again Plays Race Card When In Trouble

Any time the people of Zimbabwe express disgust with their president, he immediately plays his ever present race card blaming all problems on white people. His policies have resulted in an inflation rate of about 200,000%, it is the fault of white people. He has driven millions from his own land-it’s white imperialism’s fault. He murders and tortures his own people– out comes the race card. The G-8 group bluntly told Mugabe”we do not accept the legitimacy of any government that does not reflect the will of the Zimbabwe people,” and his information minister responds; “they want to undermine the African Union and President Mbeki’s effort because they are racists because they think only white people think better.”

President Mbeki has sided with Mugabe despite the fact the Zimbabwean president lost an election in March to Morgan Tsvangirai and his Movement for Democratic Change(MDC). Mbeki’s own followers like Jacob Zuma have denounced his failure to protect the people of Zimbabwe against Mugabe sponsored terrorism. The MDC insists they can no negotiate while their followers are subject to violence and intimidation. Mugabe is not the legitimate president of the country. He is a thug and murderer.