Mugabe Blames Everything On “Them,” Not “Us”

It goes without question that every two bit petty dictator must invariably blame outside forces for his own mistakes and ineptitude. President Robert Mugabe inherited leadership of the rich nation of Zimbabwe which was once considered the bread basket of Africa and by the time he has finished with this once prosperous nation it has fallen to among the poorest in the entire world. Of course, according to the “great leader” having an inflation rate of two million percent or transforming a healthy economy into one in which 80% of the work force lacks jobs has nothing to do with his actions– just say the magic word, “colonialism.” Once again he ranted on about the hidden dark forces of imperialism as the cause of his nation’s economic collapse. Mugabe blamed “hostile intervention” which “has had a negative impact on our farmers, who, according to our neo-colonialist enemies, must fail so as to damn the land reform we have undertaken.”

His so called, “land reform” consisted of taking productive land and transferring it into the hands of cronies and incompetents who wanted the land, and had no desire to farm. The president ignores colonialists had nothing to do with his stealing a presidential election or killing and brutalizing thousands of innocents people in Zimbabwe. Mr. Mugabe, look not to the stars but to yourself as the cause of the Zimbabwe disaster.