Mugabe Catch 22-You Win You Lose, I Win, I Win

The horror that is Zimbabwe continues as President Mugabe made it clear that under no conditions would he allow his opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai to win the upcoming June 27 run-off election. Mugabe thugs and goons, including the army and police, have been beating, brutalizing and even killing those who favor Tsvangirai. At a youth rally, Mugabe made clear his intentions. “They(his supporters)said this country was won by the barrel of the gun, and should we let it go at the stroke of a pen? Should one just write an X and then the country goes just like that?” Even as he spoke a group of 40 prominent African leaders appealed to the president to respect the concept of fair elections and to cease his policy of forbidding any opponent from winning the election.

Several leaders of African nations have urged Mugabe and Tsvangirai to form a coalition government as was done in Kenya after a similar impasse. Both Mugabe and Tsvangirai have rejected these offers. Morgan Tsvangirai has every right to feel abused, but, he must accept the reality that Mugabe, under no conditions, will allow him to assume the office of president of Zimbabwe. Sometimes, it is better strategy to avoid a fight and plan on resuming the offense at another time and in another place.