Mugabe Completes Process of Vote Rigging

President Robert Mugabe has his own unique way of winning elections, simply stuff ballot boxes with your name and the result is a “victory” for the government. The Movement for Demcoratic Change which won the election in Zimbabwe said during the “recount” boxes are simply being stuffed with the name of Mugabe and his party followers. According to DMC spokesperson, Nelson Chamisa: “We have found ballot boxes already open or with no seals. We believe other boxes they opened and forged new seals. This is not an isolated problem.”

Morgan Tsvagirai has decided not to return to Zimbabwe. “It’s no use going back to Zimbabwe and becoming captive…Do you want a dead hero?” Human Rights Watch blasted Mugabe for setting up torture camps where supporters of the MDC were being beaten and forced to reveal names of those supporting Tsvangirai.

The most fascinating change taking place is growing anger among regional leaders at what Mugabe has done, and, in particular at the support being given him by President Mibeki of South Africa. Botswans Foreign Minister Phdnu Skelmani took the unusual step of saying bluntly that Mbeki stood alone at a recent regional meeting in declaring there was no crisis in Zmbabwe. Former UN secretary general Kofi Annan urged African leaders to take a stand: “The question that has been posed is where are the Africans? Where are the leaders of the countries in the region, what are they doing, how can they help the situation? It is a serious crisis with impact beyond Zimbabwe.”