Mugabe Continues Erratic Behavior Of Destruction

President Mugabe’s increasingly bizarre and destructive behavior continues to threaten his nation with complete disaster as hunger and cholera increase without any immediate hope to alter their devastating impact on people. Armed police took a leading Zimbabwean human rights campaigner and eight other activists to a maximum security prison where their fate is unknown. The High Court of Zimbabwe ordered their release and treatment in a hospital, but Mugabe is oblivious of other nations or any other authority but his own distorted and mentally unbalanced view of reality. All nine men are in police custody and no one knows if they will continue to be beaten or, at some point, even killed. Some were picked up at gun point by police who are carrying out the orders of the Supreme Leader to crush any and all opposition to his rule.

On one hand, Mugabe says he is willing to go through with a power-sharing agreement he accepted in September. On the other hand, he continually arrests, beats and tortures men and women who supposedly would be in the coalition government. African nations stand idly by while millions of Africans face the prospect of famine and illness. Is this what the fight against colonialism was all about?