Mugabe Denounced At UN

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown lashed out against the brutal regime of Robert Mugabe who has refused to accept the verdict of the people of Zimbabwe that they seek change in government. Leaders of nations from throughout the world expressed dismary at what is happening in that unfortunate country where the dogs of war have been unleashed on the population to ensure Mugabe retains power. Many leaders were particularly upset at the cowardly behavior of President Mbeki of South Africa who continues defending Mugabe and insists there are no problems in Zimbabwe. Mbeki tried to keep the topic of Zimbabwe off the agenda but was thwarted by the UN. “A stolen election would not be a democratic election at all, “thundered Gordon Brown. “Let a single clear message go outfrom here in New York that we ..stand solidly behind democracy and human rights for Zimbabwe.

Most UN speakers avoided specifically denouncing President Mbeki for fear he would continue his stubborn defense of Mugabe. However, Jacob Zuma, who will become the next president of South Africa, blasted Mbeki and urged his nation to take a stand in defense of Zimbabwe.