Mugabe Digs In To Retain Zimbabwe Power

President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe has been fighting a rear guard battle to retain power in his nation even though most people in the country want a shift in leadership. The recent resignation of President Mbeki in South Africa who was serving in the role of mediator has been seized by Mugabe to back away from an agreement to share power with his rival, Morgan Tsvanagirai of the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC). The head of Mugabe’s political party, Zanu-PF, rejected an offer from Mbeki to continue in his role as mediator. It is now clear Mugabe’s interpretation of “power sharing” is that he retains control over the police, army, state security and the economy while Tsvangirai can be handed over unimportant tasks to keep him away from the needed task of reorganizing the nation’s economy in order to avoid mass starvation.’

“Anyone who says there is a deadlock is being mischievous,” said Zanu PF spokesperson, Patrick Chinamasa, “there is a commitment on all of us to make things work.” Unless outside force is exerted upon Mugabe the only power sharing he will commit to is for Tsvangirai to be given unimportant roles while the president and his clique continue to rob the nation blind and allow millions to starve.