Mugabe Dogs Of War Prepare Crackdown!

A policeman informed reporters for England’s The Independent newspaper that President Mugabe is preparing for all-out war against his political opponents in order to invalidate the clear victory by Morgan Tsvangirai in the last presidential election. Mugabe’s plan began with Friday’s banning of all politcal ralies and is now proceeding with dispatch of police to every polling station to ensure voting next time comes out the right way. Ranks of the police are being swollen by “war veterans” who are, in actuallity, thugs from Mugabe’s Zanu-PF political party. These brutal criminals are being given police uniforms and being charged with ensuring the police carry out their orders of repression, violence, and deceit in order to make certain that Mugabe wins the next time around.

Although two weeks have passed, the Zimbabwe Election Commission has not reported voting results although it is apparent Mugabe lost by a large margin. There will shortly be an announcement from the Election Commission that Tsvangirai failed to obtain a majority of the votes necessitating a run-off. Police will prevent any outside observers from witnessing voting in order to allow the process of forcing people to vote fro Mugabe to proceed without interference.

The voice of Africa is silent. President Mbeki of South Africa refuses to take vigorous steps to support democracy in Zimbabwe and other African nations will most probably, at best, issue statement of displeaure and then go home.