Mugabe Gets Support From Zimbabwe Leaders

Robert Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe since 1980 when it received its independence and believes he alone knows what is best for people of his nation. He once again is running for office of the president and putting pressure on other government officials to head off his opponent, Simba Makoni. Joyce Mujunu, who many observers hoped would oppose Mugabe, threw her support behind him and said, “you should vote for comrade Mugabe.” Meanwhile, the head of the prison service, General Zmondi, ordered all members of the service to vote for Mugabe or else. “I am giving you an order to vote for the president,” he told prison officers.

There is little doubt vote fraud will be common in the Zimbabwe election and Mugabe intends to remain in power, regardless of the cost to his nation. It is estimated about three million people have fled the country which has about a 50% unemployment rate. Unfortunately, the African Union will not take a stand against a fellow African leader although they would fight against white rulers. That is the ultimate tragedy for the continent of Africa.