Mugabe Halts Food Delivery To Zimbabweans!

According to President Robert Mugabe, his nation of Zimbabwe is a model of how democracy functions. In the model democracy, leaders of opposition parties are arrested, harassed, beaten and thousands of people driven from their homes. Morgan Tsvangirai who won the initial presidential election in March was arrested along with other leaders of the Movement for Democratic Change and finally released without any charges being filed. It is normal in Mugabeland that speaking or writing anything against the president– even if you are his opponent in a presidential election– is tantamount to seeking to overthrow the government. Tsvangirai noted, ‘Mugabe is determined to subvert the will of the people and steal the June 27 elecltion by any means possible.”

The Mugabe strategy for victory will stop at no act in order to smash opponents. He has ordered NGOs like Care International, which are currently feeding at least 500,000 people, to cease their work because he claims they are engaged in political action by feeding the hungry. All food being distributed by NGOs must be turned over to the Mugabe government and they will distribute those foods in the name of the beloved leader, Robert Mugabe.