Mugabe Hires Murderers To Help His Murderers

Thirty years ago, Africans who led the fight against European imperialism charged British, Portuguese and French colonial powers with extensive brutality towards the native population. African freedom fighters urged the international community to stand with them in the battle to end oppression and violence. The leaders have grown old, and quiet in the face of President Mugabe’s campaign of terror against his own people. New reports from officials in the Movement for Democratic Change(MDC), which has opposed Mugabe, report the presence of foreign mercenaries. Patrick Chitaka, an MDC official claims foreign mercenaries have joined the Mugabe thugs who war on people. “We have observed that some of the people leading the violence are foreigners because they speak a different language and they do not understand our local languages. Also, the tactics they are using are not peculiar with Zimbabeweans because they are cutting out the tongue, removing eyes and genital parts. we are not sure where they come from.”

Human right groups have seen similar examples of foreign people working with local Mugabe Zanu-PF thugs and believe the mercenaries are from Kenya, Rwanda or Uganda. The horrors committed by these creatures are horrifying. Where are the leaders of Africa? Why are they silent?