Mugabe– His Own Prisoner?

Robert Mugabe has ruled Zimbabwe as a one man show in which he placed people who were loyal to him in charge of most operations. The problem with being a tyrant is that invariably a bureaucracy is established staffed by those who begin as your lackeys and wind up running the show regardless of what you desire. The unity government which now includes Morgan Tsvangirai is in a virtual state of collapse because security forces arrested Roy Bennett who was supposed to have an important post in the new government. Key officials in the Movement for Democratic Change believe rogue elements in the security forces are acting on their own to bring down the “unity government” because they fear any threat to their power. Mugabe created the Joint Operations Command (JOC) which consists of heads of the army, police and air force, and this group was supposed to be disbanded under the new government organization, but the tight group of security leaders will not go quietly.

Mugabe has now become a prisoner of what he created and security forces are doing what they believe is necessary to maintain power. They have absolutely no interest in what is good for Zimbabwe since their personal financial and power interests are all that counts. An honest government would investigate how they accumulated wealth so the unity government must go. Mugabe thinks his enemy is Morgan Tsvangirai, but his real enemy is the face he sees in the mirror.