Mugabe Mouths More Hogwash!

On the eve of a visit by European Union officials, President Mugabe of Zimbabwe unleashed still another of his attempts to divert attention from his inept brutal rule by blaming the western world for his management of an economy which has witnessed over a 2,000,000% inflation rate and the complete collapse of the economy. “We have stood firm and we have refused to let go,” he told the world. “Zimbabwe sanctions or no Zimbabwe sanctions, Zimbabwe remains ours.” Yes, he is correct, “Zimbabwe remains ours.” Of course, the “ours” refers to the kleptomaniacs who run the nation.

Mugabe shouted anger at “why are there sanctions? Why are our people being punished” It is because the imperialists want our heritage.” The fact is Robert Mugabe inherited the most prosperous economy in Africa and ran it into the ground in order to enrich his cronies and fellow thugs. He stole an election from Robert Tsvangirai and he brutalized opponents. One can not blame the “bloody whites” for torture and degradation of Zimbabweans by Mugabe’s security forces.