Mugabe Murders Democracy–AGAIN!

Robert Mugabe is 89 years old and has been president of Zimbabwe since the first day it became an independent nation. Initially, he was loved by the people of Zimbabwe because of the role he played in the fight to end British colonialism. That was three decades ago, but he continues singing the song of anti-imperialism as his rationale for being needed to run the government. An election was just held, or should we say, “a version of a true election was just held” and guess who, once again was elected? Once again, Mugabge stole an election. His opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai is challenging the election, much to the anger of Mugabe. He gently informed those who do not accept his version of “democracy,” that”those who were hurt by defeat can go hang if they so wish.”

He believes that God, in his infinite wisdom, wants him to rule Zimbabwe. Other African leaders do not give a damn about the people of Africa and will back Mugabe because they know he will back their stolen elections. The crooks run Africa and the people of Africa lack the right to participate in a free and fair election. Oh well, it is 2024 and Robert is once again standing for the presdency. Go hang if you do not like it.